80% of todayís Christians came to Christ between the ages of 2 to 14 years old

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of Godís love. Since 1993, more than 61 million shoe boxes have been packed, shipped, and delivered across the globe. People of all ages can be involved in this simple, hands-on missions project while focusing on the true meaning of Christmas ó Jesus Christ.

Why focus on the children?

  1. Reaching out to children is reaching out to their parents and eventually to the community.
    Caring for children is a wonderful opportunity to witness to the whole family.
  2. The clay is still soft.
    Most people who make significant faith decisions do so before the age of 18.
  3. Because children are the future.
    Childhood years are formative.

Can we afford to leave to chance the spiritual and moral development of our future leaders?

So then, if we truly believe that the children are the future ó

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